Tuesday, June 25, 2013

CSM Lesson 3A -Part 1 (Lots of photos)

I was asked if I could show how you get started with the CSM. Essentially "casting on". Since I was ready to start the next lesson I thought why not do a photo journal of sorts showing my progress through the lesson. I will break the lesson up into a couple of different parts so there aren't too many photos to download at one time.

This first part is all about getting started. I'm using a set-up bonnet.....the one I made in the last lesson.  The set- up bonnet needs to be placed on the needles.....a stitch every other needle.

Not every needle will be accessible so the cylinder will need to be advanced forward by cranking the handle. The photo below shows how high the stitch sits on the needles. A bit of weight from below (gently pulling the set-up bonnet down by hand) will help the stitches settle down on the cylinder.

Once the set- up bonnet is in place, waste yarn is threaded through the yarn mast and the yarn carrier. The tail of the waste yarn is placed in the center. When you start cranking the needles will pick up the yarn and stitches will be formed on every needle....like magic!  =)

Weights are used to keep the piece pulled down so the stitches sit on the edge of the cylinder. If the piece is allowed to ride too high on the needles ( not properly weighted, tension too tight) things start going wrong and it's not pretty (skipped stitches, dropped stitches). No need to ask me how I know. Let's just say " been there, done that".   =)

After a few rows of waste yarn have been knit, it is time to join the working yarn ( the good stuff being used for your project). This is done by clipping the waste yarn and unthreading it from the yarn carrier. The tail is put in the center of the piece. The working yard is threaded up and the tail is positioned so it goes in front of a couple of needles ( so it gets caught in the knitting) before being put in the center of the work.

The photo above shows a few rows of the working yarn already knit. The next step is setting up for picots.....which will be another post.  =)

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