Thursday, September 8, 2011

Buggy Barn Show (photo intense)

 Didn't think I would have my quilt done in time for this year's show....but I did. Yea!!! Pictured is my quilt "Bundling Board" as it was displayed on the big barn. The pattern is by Primitive Pieces by Lynda....for those of you who are interested. It's a really fun one to do.

Below are pictures from the show. Just a few. The first two are of quilt designer/author Cheryl Wall. I got to meet her at last year's show....and it was a thrill to see her again this year. I adore her quilts!! She was doing a book signing for her newest book. Of course I ended up falling in love with a couple of her patterns and just had to have them. One is the "When the Cows Come Home" pattern. The finished quilt can be seen draped over the table she is at. Another was this lovely star pattern..."Cabin Fever". The full quilt can be seen in the second photo down. It's the one with the star done with log cabin blocks and all the lovely applique. Looks like a good winter quilt.  :,) It was a beautiful show. Lots more quilts on display than the previous year. Lovely weather, too.

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