Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Harriet Sweater

Here is the Harriet sweater.....still unfinished. I ran into a small "inconvenience" with it. The armholes are a bit larger than the sleeves....which means there will be some easing involved. I have set it aside until I figure out exactly how I want to handle this. So close to finishing!!! Only the button bands on both fronts and the collar........(big sigh). It's best to be patient and see what solution will prevent itself....rather than adopt a "hurry up and finish" attitude. I would rather be happy with the completed project than do the "would have, could have, should have" dance.

So, in the meantime, I have pulled out another UFO and am working on finally getting that hand quilted. I had forgotten how much I enjoy the hand quilting. I spent some time last night playing with different hoops until I found one that felt comfortable. I settled on my 16" lap hoop. I also have a 14" lap hoop and a lovely floor hoop with a variety of different sized hoops. Yes, I definitely forgot how much I enjoy hand quilting. About 1/4 of the quilt was already done when I picked it back up. Hopefully this time....when the hoops are put away....it will be finished.


  1. I just finished the Harriet sweater yesterday and found that the armholes were very long as well as the sleeves being narrower, although some of that was my fault for shortening the length of the sleeves and eliminating a few increases. I eased the sleeves in but also took out half of a pattern diamond to shorten the armhole length. I really like the sweater. Good job on yours.

    Katherine in IL

  2. Thank you, Katherine, for the very kind comment on my sweater.....and for sharing your experience with this pattern. Still haven't quite decided how to handle the longer armholes. Been toying with the idea of running a thread through the armhole and gathering it up to fit the sleeve.....so I can maybe have some control over where the gathers are....if there are any that are noticeable.

    My sweater is knit from yarn that I spun up myself....so I want to make sure I'm real happy with the finished sweater. Besides, I spent all that time spinning the yarn, I might as well take the time in finishing the sweater. :>)