Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Fiber Fun!!

Here is the end result of my latest fiber experiment. I wanted to see what would happen if I blended Shetland that was one color with silk that was dyed another color. Then I added some multi-colored Firestar to the mix.....and got the above result. My youngest says it reminds her of a mermaid. So this is my *mermaid* batts. It didn't come out as soft as I would like. I think that is in large part to the Firestar. The Firestar wasn't soft at all on its own. I do think it will make wonderful sock yarn though. The Firestar is nylon so that should give the yarn strength and help it to wear well. Haven't quite decided on whether this group of batts will be offered up for sale or not. When I was carding my hands were picking up a nice blue tinge.....I'm guessing from the Shetland wool. But the water was clear when it was put back in for another rinse. So maybe the light bit of lanolin on the wool is holding just the blue coloration from the green dye and that is what I keep getting on my hands as I work with it??. I really don't know. I would love to offer these batts up for sale but am hesitant simply because of the possible dye problem. I guess I could always put a warning of sorts on the page. It is a very pretty blend and it would be a shame for it to sit on my shelves waiting for me to get around to actually spinning it.....which it would do.

As much fun as I've had blending I really need to put it all aside for a bit and actually get something carded up for myself. The rest of Carrie's fleece from last year has been patiently waiting for me to card it up so I can finish spinning it up. So I will be spending time doign that instead of blending. The first two bobbins have already been plyed and the twist set. What beautiful yarn!! Definitely telling me that it wants to be made into socks. And not just any socks.....cabled socks. One skein is 350 yards....the other 328 yards. So there is plenty there for socks. :.) And I anxious to see what the rest of the fleece will yield. She has such pretty coloring. Light gray with darker colored fibers mixed in. In fact, I love her coloring so much that not only did I keep last year's fleece from her, but I also kept this year's fleece.....and am seriously debating over whether I will keep next year's fleece as well. She produces such a lovely, lovely fleece....not only color-wise, but also handle as well. She always feels so silky to the touch.

I did start another knitting project the night before last. Like I really needed something else on the needles. I still haven't finished my sweater with the Shetland lace inlay. This project is a felted sheep done using the bulky weight Karakul yarn I spun up a while back and large needles (size 15). I have to confess that I'm in love with the sheep already and it's only half done. Working with the Karakul yarn has been a dream!! It knits up nicely and the coloring is simply not what I expected at all! I was expecting it to be pretty much all one color (off-white). To my surprise there are spots of darker color here and there. It really adds to the beauty of the sheep. I hope to have this finished in another day or so and ready for felting. It's going to be a big sheep that's for sure! And it definitely has been a very timely project. I find it extremely calming to work on and that is exactly what I needed right now.....especially since I'm fighting a pretty nasty cold.

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