Sunday, August 24, 2008

Quilt Show Weekend

It was quilt show weekend here. Yea!! I look forward to this show every year. I'm talking about the Buggy Barn's annual outdoor quilt show. This was its 12th year. I've attended every year....with the exception of the first year. I've had quilts in it every year except for two. Now this isn't a show for those who like to have their quilts judged.....or expect ribbons. This is one of those shows where the quilts are there simply for people to enjoy. There is no ribbons. Just lots of very pretty quilts hung in a very rustic the middle of wheat fields.

While the show was amazing as always, there wasn't near as many quilts this year. And there weren't near as many people in attendance either. Could have been due to the rather wet weather we have had lately. Yesterday was beautiful! Nice warm temperatures......lots of sun......and the usual breeze. There was just enough breeze to make the quilts flutter prettily.....but not enough to where there wasn't some "still" time for picture taking. The folk art/antique vendors had some very pretty things for sale....although there weren't as many present as there were last year. Of course this could have been due to the weather as well. Or the wild fires. All in all it was still a wonderful day. I did some shopping and came home with a new pattern by Jan Patek ......"Pomengranates & Berries". Also bought a new book by Black Bird Designs......"In Full Bloom". I simply love their designs.

The pictures above are of the quilts that I have in the show. I took tons of pictures. To see more from the Buggy Barn's quilt show, simply visit my webshots albums. Look for the album labeled "2008 Buggy Barn show".

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